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Stamford Audio's SSP12, the new, Mk II steel platter for the Linn LP12 Sondek, with embedded weighting for improved stability, soundstage, detail and bass.



A review of Stamford Audios Linn LP12 inner platter.

First of all I would like to thank Gordon for his patience and help with answering my questions on upgrade paths for my Linn.
My linn is pre 1984 and the last improvements to it were in the early 90s with an addition of the pink triangle battery power supply.
Recently whilst perusing eBay about linn arm boards I landed on Stamford Audios listing and read about the new one piece sub chassis.
My curiosity was piqued because I knew how expensive a keel is and so I called Gordon for a chat.
Gordon was incredibly helpful and we discussed where my turntable was in performance terms now.
It was at that point that Gordon told me about what might be a significant upgrade first step. A new inner platter with a brass centre boss that adds just 20 grammes to the overall mass.
The price is very very reasonable for such a huge upgrade.
Initially I was a little apprehensive as to why a new sub platter would make such a difference, but Gordon shared that many of his clients who had made the change had said that this is the biggest improvement they have ever heard on their linn.
My parcel was delivered in a week and the A, B, comparison was really unnecessary because the difference is very obvious, but compare I did.
The first thing you notice is how much quieter everything is on the run in groove. Then when the music starts it comes in from a velvet blackness and the depth of image and stage width are really very much increased.
There is detail that I've never heard before.
For example on the Lonnie Liston Smith albums I have, the subtitles on percussion dynamics take on a whole new identity as instruments sit in their own space and also at the same time integrate in perfect synergy.
Also on a Commodores best of album I bought back in the day, on Easy,I was surprised to make out a mellotron being used on the left hand channel in the mix. It's there for a tiny bit, but once you have heard it you know what it is... I'm a huge meloron fan and have a programme on my flash drive on my keyboard.
The mellotron voice is clearly strings.
My favourite reference album Decca world records . Ike Issacs, 'The Tender Touch' is already I think one of the best demonstrations of Stereo and takes on a who new level.
The orchestration on tracks like 'A foggy day in London Town', 'Cheek to Cheek' and' Star Eyes ' are a perfect counterpoint to Ike's wonderful Jazz guitar mastery.
Was it worth the £200.00 odd quid?
Hell yeah.... I am once again choosing vinyl over cd which is already a very good day and transport combo, but vinyl is once again the crowning glory.
Five stars all round for both service and for quality of product.
Thank you Gordon.

Stamford Audio SSP12 Mk II Inner Platter for Linn LP12

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